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The Garden of Privatised Delights




British Council

The British Council has been commissioning the British Pavilion in Venice since 1937, showcasing the best of the UK's artists, architects, designers and curators. In 2019, Unscene Architecture was selected to curate the British Pavilion as part of the 17th International Exhibition of Architecture in Venice, which will now be held from 22 May to 21 November 2021. Inspired by Hieronymus Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights, The Garden of Privatised Delights looks at how spaces such as the British High Street and the Playground are under threat from increasing privatisation. The exhibition will engage in the current debate around ownership and access to what we perceive as public space. We will transform the British Pavilion into a series of immersive spaces, commissioned from leading researchers and practitioners, presenting both a critique of how they are currently used while providing strategies to increase people's agency over their public spaces. These exhibitions, and the Venice Fellowships initiative introduced in 2016, help make the British Pavilion a platform for discussion about contemporary art and architecture.

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