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From micro to macro: Re-imagining the humble roundabout



Milton Keynes

Digitalis Project

It’s all a matter of scale!

Unscene Architecture led a one-day workshop at Milton Keynes Central Library to rethink the humble roundabout. There are 124 roundabouts in Milton Keynes. In a future of driverless cars and helicopter taxis what might we do to transform these traffic islands? Could they become urban farms, outdoor auditoria, digital libraries, running tracks, or even mini launch pads to space?

Here, we worked with students to free their creativity and let their design skills go crazy in order to help us create a future vision for Milton Keynes’ roundabouts! Together we reimagined the city through a series of animated GIFs that operated like Powers of Ten videos by Charles and Ray Eames to traverse scales of Milton Keynes and its roundabouts.

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