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British Pavilion asks how to make public space more inclusive

We are delighted to announce further details about our exhibition at the British Pavilion at the Venice Biennale this year.

The Garden of Privatised Delights will transform the British Pavilion into a series of six immersive spaces. Each space will offer visitors an interactive experience of architecture, rather than traditional exhibitions that represent architecture through models and drawings.

Taking inspiration from Dutch artist Hieronymus Bosch’s triptych The Garden of Earthly Delights, the exhibition explores the rapid rise of privately-owned public space, offering an inspiring alternative vision that urges both sectors to work together to create better-designed spaces for all.

We have invited five additional teams of designers to collaborate with Unscene Architecture on the British Council commission: The Decorators; Built Works; Studio Polpo; Public Works; and vPPR. The pavilion will suggest new models for privatised public space and how spaces under threat can be reinvented, including the pub, the high street, the youth centre, and the garden square. Two new government ministries will additionally call for a bottom-up approach to ownership.

We are delighted to be working with an amazing team of design collaborators who are exploring different types of privatised public space in their work on The Garden of Privatised Delights, to help us initiate inspiring conversations around how the private and public sectors can better work together to provide spaces that are missing in cities, and make public spaces accessible to all . By expanding the definition of what privatised public space can be as well as widening the debate around who can access, own, design and use public space, we hope to inspire more welcoming and beneficial public spaces for everyone to enjoy.

British Pavilion asks how to make public space more inclusive
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